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About the Maps of Canaan OnlineEdit

Download Sizes (Based EU):

One Load (First time login with you character):

  • 400KB Browser Client Load
  • 5669KB Character Load
  • 10682KB Map Load after Character Load (Karugarner
  • 11256KB  Map Load after Character Load (Kazan)

Map Load:

  • 5669KB Map Load (Ruky Island)(Lvl 1 ~ 10)
  • 5013KB Map Load (Karugarner)(Lvl 10 ~ 35)
  • 5013KB Map Load (Goradora Highland)(Lvl 30 ~ 50) 
  • ?KB Map Load (Kazan)(Lvl 35 ~ 60) 
  • ?KB Map Load (Fellias)(Lvl 55 ~ 65) 
  • ?KB Map Load (Kartal Peninsula)(Lvl 65 ~ 80)
  • ?KB Map Load (Elfen Land)(Lvl 71 ~ 90)
  • ?KB Map Load (Sunmill 'Old name the Grey Area')(Lvl 85 ~ 100)
  • ?KB Map Load (Evil Island)(Lvl 100+)
  • ?KB Map Load Mysterious Area (Under Construction by Gpotato Employers) (Lvl 100+)

Checklist of Data load (Correct verified when you get the same data from [Map1 > Map2] and [Map2 > Map1] multi times.

  • ?KB  Map Load From (Karugarner > Goradora Highland)  
  • 5587KB  Map Load From (Karugarner > Kazan)
  • ?KB  Map Load From (Goradora >  Karugarner)
  • ?KB  Map Load From (Goradora > Fellias)
  • ?KB  Map Load From (Kazan > Fellias)
  • ?KB  Map Load From (Kazan > Sunmill)  


  • 1131KB Map Load Swamp Maze (Karugarner)(Lvl 18-25)
  • ?KB Map Load Chamber of Judgement (Karugarner)(Lvl 40+) 
  • ?KB Map Load Barbarian Underground Palace (Goradora Highland)(Lvl 30-37)
  • ?KB Map Load Meditation Battle Field (Goradora Highland)(Lvl 45+)
  • ?KB Map Load Ian Maze (Kazan)(Lvl 38-45)
  • ?KB Map Load Desert Deep Well (Kazan)(Lvl 48-55)
  • ?KB Map Load Golden Plain (Fellias)(Lvl 58-65)
  • ?KB Map Load Red Lake Battle Field (Fellias)(Lvl 63+)
  • ?KB Map Load Tranquil Vally (Fellias)(Lvl 68-75)
  • ?KB Map Load Elf's Secret Mausoleum (Elfen Land)(Lvl 78-85)
  • ?KB Map Load Tower of Ancestor (Elfen Land)(Lvl 88+) 
  • ?KB Map Load Heart of the Devil (Sunmill)(Lvl 88-95)
  • ?KB Map Load Fortress of the Zodiac (Sunmill)(Lvl 80+)

System Requirements:Edit

Specifications Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP/Windows Vista/Linux Kernel 2/Mac OS 9 Windows 7/Windows 8/ Linux Kernel 3/Mac OS 10
Processor Pentium4, 2.4 GHz or better Pentium Dual, 1.8 Ghz or better
Hard Drive 200MB 400MB
Graphics Card GeForce4 with 64VRAM / Readon 9000 Serie or better

GeForce FX series  / Readon 9000 Serie or better

Bandwidth 512K ADSL 1MB ADSL

Canaan Last Updates (Some not updated by Gpotato)Edit

Mysterious Area is named to Call of the Ancients (Source: Indonesian).

New Class: Druid (EU), Beastmaster (NA).

Skill Tree Druid: Ferocity and Cunning.

Canaan Helpful LinksEdit