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CRAB is a noncash pet in Canaan that can be captured easily. If you dont have a lot of gold you can use this pet as a possession pet for mage or for healer priest.

Location(s): Karugarner, Kazan

Pet InformationEdit

Type: Mage
Specialities: INT
Skills: Ice Puncture, Ice Rock
Level Requirement: 0
Catching Difficulty: Easy


Giant Fiddler Crab Lv 8
Servant Crab Lv 28
Impulse River Crab Lv 40
Iandis Crab Lv 53
Blocker Crab Lv 50
Kalarl Peninsula:
Oriental Giant Crab Lv 60
Black Pawn Crab Lv 66
Mutant Metal Crab Lv 79
Elven Land:
Intercontinental Clawdaddy Lv 72
Ground Diggin Giant Crab Lv 76
Engineering Giant Crab Lv 77
Emperor of Giant Crab Lv 79
Grey Area:
Narnia Giant Crab Lv 92