Keyboard ShortcutsEdit


Serial number Function Explanation Serial number Function Explanation
1 1~10 QuickBar 8 Direction key Character Movement
2 T Party Invite 9 L Quest list
3 Y Opens the mailbox 10 M Map
4 I Skill Menu 11 J Trade
5 O Social Menu 12 B Bag window
6 P Pet Menu 13 C Character Menu
7 Enter Sending a message. 14 W, A, S, D Character Movement



You can move your character by Point and righ Click on where you want to go (be it at the normal interface or in the Map, given you don't have Big obstacles in the way), using the WASD keys or the Arrow keys.

Game InterfaceEdit


Character InformationEdit


Basic SkillsEdit

Basic skills are all equal to those of the same class, are learnt and added to your quick skill bar automaticaly. Img skill01

Talent treesEdit


Each Class has 2 Talents, each Talent corresponding to a determined set of unique skills.

When you reach level 16, you can do your 1st Talent Quest, after which you'll get your 1st Talent point. Don't miss out on other quests from this category, 'cause this is the only other way you'll get Talent points, excluding lvl up.

Every each odd level after level 20 (aka: 21,23,25,27...) you'll get a Talent point which you can use to learn a certain talent (from 1 or both subclasses) if you have bought a Skill Book from your class Book Seller.

Class Talent Talent characteristic Information
Warrior Guard Defender Tank
Mars Fighter Damage Dealer
Mage Ace Ice mage Ice Skills Master
Magic Fire mage Fire Skills Master
Priest Holy Monster Priest of the light Supporting Class. High Heals and Buffs.
Darkness Dark priest Excels at dark magic arts.
Ranger Freedom Archer Kitter (High Dex)
Rage Marksman Damage Dealer
Druid Wildnature

Pet Menu and InformationEdit


Battle InterfaceEdit

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