The Item MallEdit

The Mall sells special items that can only be purchased with gPotatoes.

To open the mall select the Mall/Auction button from the system menu in the top right hand of the screen.

Mall Button


When you select an item three options will appear;

  • Purchase
  • Present
  • Compare

Mall Purchase Present Compare


If the player selects purchase a quantity window will appear.

Mall Purchaseq

To select a quantity the player can select the + or - buttons, pull the slider or type the quantity directly into the quantity box.


If the player selects present a gift window will appear where the player can select a quantity and type the name of the player they wish to send the item to.

Mall Giftq


If the player selects compare the Mall will run a search of all the current auctions for that item. If an item is found the player may have the chance to bid on that item with in-game money instead of purchasing with gPotato from the Mall.

Also refer to Auction.


All Mall items require gPotato's to purchase.

gPotato's are a special currency obtained with real world money. To learn more about gPotato's click here.