Material FarmingEdit

Go to Collection Area (Purple) in the map you're in, make sure you have the tools needed to gather what you want and are in the correct location, click the Action button in the lower right menu and then Collect. Farming tools also have durability (usualy 100), so when it expires the farming will terminate and the tool vanishes.
System c02-002 System c02-004

What affects the gathering speed?

  • The Players level (higher level, quicker gathering speed);
  • The pet (including pet's quality, pet's rank, happiness; attack, defence, possession pet also influence);
  • VIP user;
  • Digging tool;
  • Gathering population (less than 6 people for normal speed, more people gathering slower speed).

Gathering Speed
Unit: Second. Axe lvl 10 Axe lvl 30 (+8%) Axe lvl 30 (+20%) Axe lvl 30 (+40%)
Non VIP 1~5 ppl 40 36,8 32 24
6~10 ppl 60 55,2 48 36
11~15 ppl 90 88,2 72 54
16~20 ppl 120 110,4 96 72
21++ ppl 180 165,5 144 108
VIP Not influenced 30 27,6 24 18

Material CompoundingEdit

When you want to compund a type of material into better quality, double click on a combiner and drag the material you want to compound into it. Higher success rate gives you less compounded materials compared to low success rate.
Example: With a regular combiner, compounding x100 materials on 100% success rate gives you x20 compounded materials, while 89% would give you x25 compounded material, but also a 11% chance of losing all of your materials.

A successful compound drains 1 durability, but if you fail a compounding, you will lost all of the material you tried to compound along with 10 durability of your combiner. Once a combiner reaches 0 durability, it will disappear from your bag, and you will have to get another one to combine more.


Safecompound Riskycompound
System iconSafe compound System iconRisky compound
Success-compound Fail-compound
System iconSuccessfull compound System iconFailed compound

Combiner tool
Name Quality color Risk Durability Cost VIP Cost
Itemicon 148 Minor Combiner Blue 90% @ 5:1 15 20s 18s
Itemicon 147 Lesser Combiner Green 90% @ 5:1 100 1g 90s
Itemicon 146 Combiner Orange 100% @ 5:1 200 30g 27g
Itemicon 146 Super Combiner Purple 100% @ 4:1 100 200 gpotato 200 gpotato