Beginner's GuideEdit

This guide is for players that have already read the Quick Guide which can be found Here.

Following this guide Step By Step can be very beneficial and will help the player (you) better understand the game.

The Game LayoutEdit

Look at the Layout here

Chat Selection - Used to select which chat zones the player wishes to send and receive messages to/from.

Quick Views - Shows player and pet HP/MP/EXP

Player Toolbar - Toolbar used to open the various player menus

Battle Toolbar - Attacks and potions are dragged here so they can be used in battle

Quick LevelingEdit

To accomplish the most efficient leveling possible you must complete every quest you can as quickly as you can.


1. Do your Daily Task. Found in any city at the daily task card.

2. Do any available Part Time Job Quests.

3. Wrap things up with any other quests.

(You can also use the Search fuction located at the top right of the game window to search for available quests, clicking on the location link will automatically move your character to that location unless there is an object in the way)

4. Run any Instances Or Dungeons you can. This will work better with Double Exp.

Pet BasicsEdit

What is a Pet?

A pet is a creature you can capture and train that will aid you in battle.

See Pets > General Information.

This guide was originally written by XrangeX and can be found here.

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