• GamerAmelli

    1. Added info to the Mall page.

    2. Added new 'Coming Soon' image to the pages that had [Coming Soon] as text.

    3. Added new article on Level Rewards (Still missing info in the table).

    4. Added new article on Daily Sign-in Reward (Still missing info in the table).

    5. Added new article on VIP

    6. Added info to article Double Exp

    7. Added a new article for costumes (table missing info)

    8. Added new article on Private Message

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  • GamerAmelli

    To Do List

    March 19, 2010 by GamerAmelli

    To Do

    1. Upload english version images for Pet pages and transaction page

    2. Write up article for Mall [DONE]

    3. Write up article for Game Currency

    4. Write up article for Pet Trade

    5. Write up article for Auction

    6. Create and write article for Double Exp [DONE]

    7. Create and write article for Name Your Pet

    8. Create and write Attack Mode & Battle Toolbar into new article

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  • GamerAmelli

    1. Moved 'Trade' to 'Item Trade'. Removed text in Item Trade about double clicking on player (tested doesn't work)

    2. Seperated out vendor information into 'Vendor' page.

    3. Created 'Pet Trade' article.

    4. Left message on Forfirith talk page regarding adding articles to navigation 'Transaction System' area.

    5. I have also edited the Tutorials page that was copy/pasted from another wiki to take out all the unecessary caps, and also moved the repeated pet info and FAQs to the Pets > General Information page where I thought it should really be. Hope those changes make more sense.

    6. Added a few links within articles to other articles.

    7. Created Mall article

    8. Created Game Currency article

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  • GamerAmelli

    1. Spell check Auction [Comming Soon] to [Coming Soon]

    2. Rejigged Trade page, corrected some spelling. Added additional info on quantity use and player selection.

    3. Created conversation Talk:Trade

    GamerAmelli 11:15, March 16, 2010 (UTC)

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