To do

  1. Make a main template (multiple smaller templates) for pet pages
  2. Update all existing pet pages to new template
  3. Add missing pet pages using the new template
  4. Check all existing pages to correct categories, formatting and to a lesser extent - their content
  5. Re-arrange menu, if needed (based on experience from #4)
  6. Rename all images to be more descriptive (eg "IconEquipmentMageWeapon_1" instead of "Iconitem_123")
    • Fix broken image links afterwards

Thats my current plan of action - not necessarily in that order.
New content and correction is always welcome, but for now I think this wiki needs re-working its current content. As it is now, it is not possible for search bots to navigate the entire wiki through links - which is essential to a good search (ranking).

Too bad both "" and "" are taken. I think either one of those would have better wiki-name, however this name (canaanpedia) is a close third so not a big loss.

Feel free to comment.